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Does a “Duties after Loss” provision Obligate the Insured to Produce Documents to the Insurer Unsolicited?

When a loss occurs, policyholders must always be mindful of their property insurance policy’s section titled “Duties after Loss.” A policyholder is required to perform specific duties after a loss and failure to meet the obligations may jeopardize a claim.

In a recent case before Florida’s Second District Court of Appeal, an insurer argued that a policyholder was precluded from recovery of damages because they withheld an expert report until after they commenced a lawsuit and this was a breach of the requirement in the policy’s Duties after Loss section. In Herrera v. Tower Hill Preferred Insurance Company,1 the insureds submitted a claim to their insurer, Tower Hill for damages resulting from a sinkhole at their home. Tower Hill retained an expert who concluded that a sinkhole was not the cause of damage to the home. Tower Hill told the insureds that they could participate in neutral evaluation. They also advised the insured that if they demanded additional testing, Tower Hill would continue its investigation subject to a reservation of rights pending a determination of sinkhole activity.

The insured did not notify Tower Hill of any objection to the insurer’s expert report, and did not demand neutral evaluation or additional testing. In the mean

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Why I’ll Be Giving My Kids $20K for Their College Education

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  • Alexa wrote a great article last week, on Why Saving for My Kids’ College Education Is Not My Priority, and I thought she made excellent points. It’s my belief that as a whole, parents are bringing up their children to be self-entitled and have everything come easy to them.

    I have many friends whose parents paid an outrageous amount of money for a private four-year university, only to have those same kids needing their parents’ financial help after they graduate, then buy houses and have children.

    Even though I don’t want to just hand my child $100,000 and tell them to get a good education, I do want to make saving for their future college fund a priority. Here’s why I plan on giving my children $20,000 to put towards their college education.

    Working My Way Through College

    My parents never saved any money for my college. I don’t think for one second I was entitled to money by any means. Everything I wanted in life, I had to work for, and that was the same for my education too. I applied for several scholarships, jobs, and work-study jobs. Scholarships are very competitive, and when you have an average family income, or an average set of skills and intelligence, many donors don’t want to give you money. I was, however, bl

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    When Is Returning Cash to Shareholders a Bad Thing?

    Last July, Reserve Bank of Australia Governor Glenn Stevens famously lamented the subdued “animal spirits” in both Australia and the global economy. In using that term, the central bank chief was referring to the sort of risk-taking that leads to the deployment of capital in pursuit of growth.

    This lack of entrepreneurialism is most evident in the fact that in recent years Australian companies have increasingly chosen to return capital to shareholders rather than reinvest it in their own companies.

    While fat dividends are certainly one of the main enticements of investing in Australian stocks, in the medium to long term they become less compelling if theyre impinging on a companys ability to fund its own growth, the lack of which could undermine the dividend itself and ultimately the share price.

    As income investors, we dont just want a substantial payout, we want a substantial payout that grows over time. And

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    Successful Stock Investing

    Successful stock investing can be very complicated and it can be very simple depending upon your approach. Successful stock investing starts with deciding on a strategy for stock picking, buying stock, and holding for long term investing. It includes knowing how and when to sell stock. Investing in the stock market involves homework, attention to detail, diversifying a stock portfolio and other strategies for managing investment risk management. The most successful stock investing comes from adhering to a few simple rules and not letting the psychology of investing or stock market tips distract you. Use of technical analysis tools such as Candlestick chart formations will help find stocks that are at the bottom of their cycle allowing for cheaper purchase of a promising stock.

    There is no perfect system for picking stocks. That having been said there is such a thing as smart stock investing which will reduce your stock market risk and increase your chances for good stock market results. Smart investing is choosing a simple strategy that fits your available time and your current knowledge of the equity market. Stock investing basics are to make more than you lose month by month and year by year.
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    Lockheed Martin (LMT) to Deliver 43 More F-35s in $4B Deal with Pentagon

    Shares of the Lockheed Martin Corporation were up +0.56 or +0.31 percent to $181.23 in premarket trading this morning, after news yesterday that the company had reached an agreement with the U.S. Department of Defense for the delivery of another 43 F-35 fighter jets. Lockheed Martin stock closed at $180.67, up +4.66 or +2.65 percent in Thursdays regular trading session.

    Bethesda, Maryland based Lockheed Martin Corporation is the result of the $10 billion 1995 merger of Martin Marietta and the Lockheed Corporation, and is a major global aerospace and defense contractor. The company is among the worlds top defense contractors, with some of its better known products such as the X-35 and F-35 fighter jets, the F-22 Raptor fighter jet, the Trident Missile and the C-130 Hercules transport plane. The company also produces Titan rockets, the Viking 1 and 2 landers, as well as other aerospace components. The company employs over 116,000 people worldwide.

    According to sources familiar with the deal, Lockheed Martin and U.S. Defense Department officials had reached an agreement for the delivery of an eighth batch of 43 F-35 fighter jets worth approximately $4 billion.

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    Starting or Growing a Business? Take Advantage of Business Support Organizations

    Canada Small Business Financing Program Government-funded Business Financing Programs

    Canadian Chamber of Commerce

    As is well known, the Canadian Chamber of Commerce is the countrys largest and most influential business network. There are over 450 chambers across Canada including provincial and city associations. They are a non-profit organization that works to fulfill community or area needs by serving as a bridge between businesses and the government and influencing public policy to benefit the business community.

    BDC Consulting

    BDC Consulting is an arm of the Business Development Bank of Canada. Its network of professional business advisers assist entrepreneurs in evaluating, planning and executing cost-efficient solutions for business development. BDC services include:

    1. Start-up advice such as business planning and financial planning
    2. Market study, export planning and subsequent business strategies
    3. Process improvement through optimization of existing operation, reduction of waste and ISO certifications
    4. Innovation through research and development
    5. Human resources management including succession planning

    BDCs list of business centers in every province and territory can be found here.

    Supply Chain Management Association

    The Supply Chain Management Association (SCMA) is a non-profit organization that serves as the primary source of supply chain training, education and development in Canada.

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