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Book Lovers, Did You Know There’s a Groupon Just for You?

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  • As an avid reader, I’m always on the lookout for good deals on books and e-books, whether or not I really need any more. While there are thousands of free book titles on Amazon for Kindle (or on Google Play or Barnes & Noble), they’re not usually the ones you’d find on the bestseller list. A free book is a free book, but sometimes you want to read the same thing as everyone else.

    That’s why a new site has me excited. BookBub is a Groupon-like site that offers exclusive week-long deals of either super cheap or free e-books, including best sellers and popular titles in numerous genres.

    Of course, this may sound too good to be true. Why would publishers offer titles for free when they still can get full price for them? One reason is that by offering certain books for free, publishers interest readers in a particular author’s writing. This works especially well for authors who’ve written bestsellers in the past and are trying to promote upcoming new releases. If you enjo

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    Surrey Candidate for Councillor Dionne Endorses Bajwa for Mayor

    Surrey BC. Amarinder Sandhu. New Khalsa school, Surrey on Old Yale Road was inaugurated by President of Delhi Gurudwara Prabhandak Comm., President Manjit Singh GK. The ceremony was attended by Councillor Tom Gill, Doug MCcallum, Justin Thind. Khalsa School Management headed by Ripudaman Sigh Malik. hosted an Akhand Path and welcomed all, including layoing their future plans on education in Surrey, British Columbia.Independent Cadidate Dionne Fiona and Mayoral candidate Bajwa, Vikram attended the Akhand Path , Langer and discussed the issues at hand for Safety of children, education and Multiculture. Dionne welcomes the Punjabi culture in Surrey and agrees the Punjabi community has participated in the economy of Surrey and follow principles of self respect and humanity.Dionne Fiona after the Khalsa School ceremony, endorsed Bajwa for Mayor of Surrey.

    Bank of England deputy governor says still too early to raise rates

    The Bank of England does not yet need to raise interest rates as unemployment is still high and wage growth well below pre-crisis levels, Deputy Governor Ben Broadbent said in an interview to be broadcast later on Thursday.

    Broadbent reiterated that the central bank intended to raise rates only gradually when the time came, and told broadcaster ITV that he did not expect large numbers of people to face financial difficulty as a result of higher rates.

    “I would lean against the view … that any rise in interest rates would cause calamity for a very large number of households. I think that’s an exaggeration of where we are at the moment,” Broadbent said.

    Economists polled by Reuters expect the BoE to raise interest rates from their record-low 0.5 percent early next year. [BOE/INT]

    Almost a fifth of British mortgage holders say they would “really struggle” with any increase in interest rates, according to a survey released on earlier on Thursday by the Money Advice Service, a public financial advice body.

    Broadbent said there were some signs that the squeeze on Britons’ pay and living standards is coming to an end, citing falling import prices and forward-looking indicators that suggest better pay growth is “in the pipeline”.

    “The surveys of businesses are suggesting that in at least in some areas, pay growth is picking up.

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    Tesla Motors (TSLA) to Unveil Mysterious “D” on October 9th

    Shares of Tesla Motors Inc. were trading up +8.59 or +3.58 percent to $248.83 per share in premarket trading on Thursday. The rise in the stock came after a Tweet from Elon Musk late yesterday alluding to the unveiling of a mysterious “D” and “something else”. Tesla stock closed at $240.24 per share, down -2.44 or -1.01 percent in Wednesday’s regular trading session.

    Palo Alto, California based Tesla Motors Inc. is a world class electric auto manufacturer that produces two fully electric powered automobiles at the company’s single plant in Freemont, California. The Tesla Roadster and the Tesla Model S, the first fully electric sports car and luxury sedan ever produced. Tesla Motors also markets electrical components to other automakers such as Daimler and Toyota. These include electric powertrain components and lithium-ion battery packs used in electric and hybrid models.

    A Twitter post yesterday by Tesla’s founder and Chief Executive Officer, Elon Musk said it was “About time to unveil a D and something else”. Along with the Tw

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    Australia’s Central Bank Targets the Housing Boom

    Most of the time, central bank watchers must content themselves with obsessively parsing carefully worded statements about monetary policy and the economy.

    But when central bankers give speeches before fellow economists or offer testimony before political bodies, their prepared remarks, though presumably edited to exhibit the appropriate amount of circumspection, tend to offer a greater degree of candor.

    That was the case this week with Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) Governor Glenn Stevens’ speech before the Melbourne Economic Forum.

    In recent statements on monetary policy, Stevens’ observations about the state of the country’s housing market were fairly anodyne, noting simply that dwelling prices continue to rise. Statements further back occasionally noted the role of investors in driving home prices higher.

    These details were merely intended to telegraph that this was a key area of concern that the bank would be closely monitoring.

    But in his remarks this week, Stevens went considerably further than these bland assessments.

    According to Bloomberg, Stevens said he’s concerned about the double-digit growth in investor finance. “I have

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