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Team MDJ – The Beginners – Vote for your Favourite

I have picked 3 members, which means there are 3 openings remaining. There are simply too many good applicants to choose from, so I need your help to decide. For the beginners list, I have chosen the finalists below, please pick your 3 favourite candidates and hit the vote button. From the 3 favorites, I will pick one. Stay tuned, more voting posts are coming!

  • Name: Scott
  • Age: 32
  • Net Worth: $206,000
  • Day Job: Full Time employment
  • Family Income: $66,000 (single income)
  • Goals: Maximize RRSP/TFSA
  • Notes: Saves about 50% of income
  • Name: Eric
  • Age: 24
  • Net Worth: $183,000
  • Day Job: Employed in finance
  • Family Income: $75,000 (single income)
  • Goals: $1M in net worth by 35
  • Notes: Equity investor at young age, owns rental properties with business partner.

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Dean Foods (DF) Subpoenaed in Insider Trading Case

Shares of the Dean Foods were off -0.52 or -2.96 percent to $17.03 per share in after hours trading yesterday afternoon , after news that the company was recently served with a subpoena from Preet Bharara, the United States Attorney for Manhattan. The subpoena was for documents related to alleged insider trading by sports bettor William Walters and golfer Phil Mickelson, who allegedly received insider trading information. Dean Foods stock closed down -0.03 or -0.17 percent to $17.55 per share in Monday’s regular trading session.

Founded in 1925, Dallas, Texas based Dean Foods, is a domestic food and beverage company specializing in the processing and distribution of milk and other dairy products. Dean Foods product line includes cultured dairy products, liquid milk, ice cream, creamers, and other dairy products. Also, Dean Foods produces and distributes bottled water, juices and tea. Dean Foods’ brands include, Alta Dena, Oak Farms, Land o Lakes, Meadow Gold and Lehigh Valley Dairy Farms among others.

The investigation by the U.S. Attorney for Manhattan involves both Dean Foods and Clorox Co. . Investigators are trying to determine if both Mr. Walters and Mr. Mic

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Groveland Teens Can Utilize New Helpline for Substance Abuse Recovery

LIGHTNING RELEASES 06/19/14 A new helpline has been established in Groveland, FL to troubled teens find professional youth rehab. For many years, adolescent drug and alcohol abuse has been a major concern among young people throughout Lake County. The helpline is designed to provide a valuable resource for young adults seeking to overcome their drug and alcohol dependencies. Teens can learn about the latest treatment options. Parents can use the helpline to find out which adolescent treatment facilities provide the best care.

The troubled teen helpline can be reached at 415-9186 any time during the day or night. Operators are always standing by to address any questions or concerns pertaining to youth rehab. Teens can also visit the helpline’s website at

Asking for help can often be the most difficult part of entering rehab. By getting proper professional help in youth rehab, teens will receive the highest quality of care. Certified addiction professionals provide the latest methods of detox, dual diagnosis, mandatory educational programs and teen depression treatment in a safe, nurturing environment.

About the troubled teen helpline:

Teens in Groveland, FL can fall victim to drug and alcohol addiction just like anywhere else. S

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Why I Refuse to Follow These 3 Pieces of Common Financial Advice

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  • I’ve always had a love for personal finance. For me, creating budgets and crunching numbers is fun.

    So when I really got serious about improving my financial situation, I’d spend my free time reading personal finance books and blogs. Some authors wanted me to follow their financial advice to the letter. Others would just highlight what worked for them. But I always found a few nuggets of recurring information and common financial advice.

    To be honest, some of it just didn’t click for me. Here are three examples of common financial advice that I refuse to follow:

    Failed advice #1: Set up automatic bill pay

    When almost all of my favorite blogs were talking about how great automatic bill pay was, I just had to try it. I switched a few of my bills to auto pay, and for the first couple months everything was fine. Then I got a bit lazy…

    As a freelancer, I get paid by several different clients. And I like to let my money build up before transferring it to my checking account, so I’m not tempted to spend money I shouldn’t.

    Once I forgot to transfer money to pay a bill, overdrew my checking account, and was charged a $30 fee! (Which I la

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    Tips for Getting Infertility Health Insurance

    Health insurance for infertility treatment can be a complicated – and touchy – subject. It affects a lot of people – approximately 6 million women experience the pain of infertility each year in the United States. The health insurance laws in the state you live in may have a lot do with the extent of your coverage; for example whether your employer is required to provide infertility insurance or not.

    One reason that infertility insurance is so expensive and hard to come by is because the procedures are so complicated – an in-vitro fertilization procedure can cost $10,000 or more. Not surprisingly, many insurance companies simply don’t provide – or provide very limited – insurance coverage for infertility.

    There are some things you can do if you aren’t covered for infertility treatment under your health insurance. Firstly, make sure you read and fully understand your insurance policy – some policies exclude actual treatments only, some exclude diagnosis too.

    Determine whether you live in a state that has mandatory infertility insurance coverage – New York, for example is one of several such states. Under the mandate,

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    Uncovered Puts

    Uncovered puts can but a very profitable and effective way to trade options. Traders engage in selling puts when technical analysis and fundamental analysis of the equity market in general and the underlying equity in particular will be stable for the course of the options contracts. Selling puts places an obligation on the seller to sell the underlying if the buyer so chooses. This is unlike buying puts or buying calls where the buyer has the option but not the obligation to buy or sell. Uncovered options trading is when the trader does not own the underlying equity to begin with. In the case of uncovered puts the trader believes that stocks, commodities, or futures will not vary in price or will go up in price. Thus the buyer will not choose to sell the equity. The seller of uncovered puts gains the premium paid and goes on to the next trade.

    Trading uncovered puts and uncovered calls are, over time, the more profitable option trading strategies. The investment is less than in covered options trading and over many trades the profit is greater. The downside to uncovered puts is when the equity does not stay put but falls dramatically in value.
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